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A Guide to London’s Residential Rental Unit Licensing By-Law

What is the purpose of the By-law?

The Residential Rental Unit Licensing By-law has been put into place to:

  • address sub-standard housing conditions in rental units
  • protect the amenity, character and stability of residential areas

By licensing rental units, the City will be better able to identify and remedy unsafe and/or unhealthy building conditions in smaller scale residential rental properties.


Which units require a licence?

Any building containing four or less rental units (including single-detached dwellings, semi-detached dwellings, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and converted dwellings) in the City of London.

Rental units in apartment and townhouse buildings are exempt.


What does a licence cost?

Each rental property will be subject to an initial application fee of $165. An initial fire inspection fee of $171 is also applicable if a fire inspection has not occurred in the last two years. Annual renewal fees are $55.


Who pays the licence fee?

Property owner(s).


How does the property owner obtain a licence?

The property owner(s) must complete the application process, which includes:

  1. An application form for each rental property
  2. A sketched floor plan identifying rooms, windows and entrances
  3. A self-certification checklist


What is the self-certification checklist?

The checklist is designed to assist property owners in determining whether their properties comply with the City of London Property Standards By-Law. Each item on the checklist must be verified as being “in compliance” or marked as “non-applicable”. The checklist gives the owner the opportunity to explain proposed actions to address non-conforming items.

One self-certification checklist must be completed for each rental unit and tenants should be provided a completed checklist.

Some of the items required for inspection include:

  • interior maintenance
  • exterior maintenance
  • electrical/HVAC
  • windows
  • ceiling heights


Fire Inspection

A fire inspection is required to ensure the rental property meets all requirements of the current Fire Protection and Prevention Act. If this inspection was completed within the past two years you can submit the fire inspection report with your licence application as proof of compliance. Otherwise, we will arrange for the Fire Prevention Office to contact you to schedule this inspection.


Property standards

Rental properties will be subject to inspection by the City to verify compliance.

If violations are found during these inspections, the property owner will be given a specified time period to remedy the violations. If violations are not corrected before the compliance date, a re-inspection fee of $110 will be issued. Where violations are found which are commonly dealt with by partner enforcement agencies – such as mould (Health Unit) or smoke alarms (Fire Prevention) – the partner agencies will be contacted.


How is a licence renewed?

A renewal notice and application form will be mailed to the property owner or authorized agent approximately one month before expiration.

To renew the licence:

  • check the “Renewal” box on the licence application
  • record the current licence number and indicate the number of bedrooms per unit
  • return the completed licence application and $55 renewal fee to the Licensing Office prior to the licence expiry date
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